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FIC: An Angel For Jack

An Angel For Jack
Author: hatemail23 
Rating: Teen probably for now, but that may change later
Pairing(s): just Jack/Ianto for now
Summary: Jack has never really been alone, even if he hasn't known it himself.
Notes: Title and basic concept shamelessly borrowed from Jude Deveraux.This is my first ever attempt at Jack/Ianto or even slash fanfiction, so please be gentle. No beta I'm afraid, but I hope you'll give it a go anyway.

Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or An Angel For Emily either, everything belongs to the BBC and Jude Deveraux respectively.


‘You’re taking him away from me?’ Ianto tried not to allow even a hint of heartbreak to reveal itself in his voice. After all, even if this were to be a decisively unpleasant encounter, it really wouldn’t do to completely embarrass oneself in front of the higher powers before he’d deciphered what exactly constituted unpleasant in this instance. However, try as he might, it didn’t seem as if his resolution to remain stoic in the face of extreme... unpleasantness was proving particularly successful if the expression on Archangel Gabriel’s face was anything to go by.

‘You are not listening Ianto. I’m giving you a chance to help your charge once and for all.’

Ianto started as something in the region of where his chest should have been gave an unfamiliar little stutter. Once and for all. Well, that sounded incredibly final – almost like goodbye – one he refused to be ready for, not yet. He was especially unable to even contemplate the inevitable emotional theatrics that would characterise his parting from...

And he was not ready to finish that particular thought thank you very much.

He tuned back into Gabriel’s monologue.

‘... not been able to help Jack from your position here. Perhaps it is time to try a different approach – one that will enable you to execute God’s will and at the same time bring unparalleled joy to Jack’s life. You do want him to be happy do you not? After all, that is your calling if I am not mistaken: to safeguard your charges from all ills; and it does seem as if your Jack is quite adept at ferreting out danger of the most horrific kind. No Ianto, it has been decreed that you must resolve to complete your given task post haste and allow Jack to live an unfettered life of contentment. This has been ordered from above and this will be realised.’

‘I do not understand - how...why... what is this alternative approach you speak of Sir?’ Ianto could not fathom any other way that he could help Jack or why he had been found lacking in his execution of his guardianship thus far. As he stammered out his query, it appeared vital that Ianto discover the answer to a question that threatened to alter his entire existence.

‘That will all become clear to you in time. Just remember Ianto, this is God’s will.’

And to Ianto, Gabriel’s final words seemed to be coming as if from a great distance. The roaring in his ears formed a crescendo and his panic reached an almost irrational peak.

‘But, sir. Sir! Wait! Wait, sir! What is, sir? What is God’s will? Sir! Sir!’

And the divide between himself and Gabriel no longer seemed as permeable as it had been. Silently, a wall had erected itself between the two – opaque and impenetrable. His wings no longer represented the freedom with which his mind had previously associated them. Instead they weighed him down, and for the first time since he had been appointed a guardian, he recognised the abrasive noose of responsibility heavy at his throat. Tightening, tighter, until he was clawing at the rope, fighting for breath, breath that he so desperately needed. Breath he had never needed before.

His first breath.

As the darkness descended his brain could not resist letting fly one last acerbic thought, that his first breath looked set to be his last.


Concrit welcome.

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